PhD Dissertation defense by Katyanne Shoemaker:

Oasis in the desert: Copepod association supports a dynamic microbial community in the oligotrophic North Atlantic Ocean

SENG 115 12 noon

Congrats Dr. Shoemaker!

12 April, 2019  - Dissertation defense

MS defense by Ryan Nuttall:

The effect of oxygen on dissimilatory nitrate reduction of bacterial isolates from marine copepods

4 August, 2017 - MS Defense

26 October, 2018 - Best Poster Award

Best Graduate Student Poster Award for Abhishek Naik in the New England Estuarine Research Federation conference (Dean Poster Prize).

A Naik, M Smithers, P Moisander:

Effectiveness of UV-C as an antifouling solution

A grant from the Office of Naval Research will support our research on marine biofilms and biofouling for the next three years.

10 February, 2020  -  Grant from the Office of Naval Research

A new collaborative project awarded for investigation of biological fate of micro- and nanoplastics and associated microbes from coastal Massachusetts waste water treatment plants. Collaborative with Scott Gallager - CoastalOceanVision, Inc., Falmouth, MA.

11 March, 2020  -  Grant to study Microplastics

15 May, 2020  -  PADI foundation grant to Abhi

PADI Foundation awarded a grant to Abhi! The award will provide nice support to18S rRNA gene sequence database improvement on marine biofilm/biofouling communities. Congrats Abhi!