Lab Members


Current lab members: Graduate students

Abhishek Naik, MS

    PhD program in Marine Science

    Dissertation topic: Marine biofilms

Ryan Nuttall, MS

    PhD program in Marine Science

    Dissertation topic: Vibrio-copepod association

***Updated in Dec 2019: A MS/PhD student position available on bacteria-plankton symbioses! Apply! Contact pmoisander at umassd edu for details***

Katyanne Shoemaker, MS 2014, PhD 2019;

        currently Post Doc at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography

Mar Benavides, Post Doc, 2014, 2017

Meaghan Daley, MS, Technician, 2014-2015

Kelsey Garlick, MS, Technician, 2016

Sarah Holmes, MS, UMassD Marine Biology, 2015

Rosemary Scavotto, MS, UMassD Marine Biology, 2014

Elizabeth McCliment, Post Doc, 2012-2014; currently Lecturer at UMassD Biology Dept.

+ long list of undergraduate research students


Current lab members: Undergraduate students

Afua Faibille, Biology major

        Method development for imaging biofilm bacteria

Jacqueline Lux, Biology major

       MPN analyses, culturing

Aaron LeBlanc, Data Science major

        Computational analyses